Gift Ideas for the Stockshow Family!

Cow T’s, colorful sweatshirts, and “mom” shirts! Here are my 100 favorites!


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Looking for practical gift ideas for the showmen in your family? From blades to show halters to fitting tools, here are some of our favorites.

First, the medium blending blade. The Medium blending blade is the one I use the most when clipping. I feel it a good all-around blade, and then I dial in the tight spots with the Super Blocking Blade. I also like the ceramic edge #10 blade because it works great with clipper guards, that way you have complete control of the hair length. The #10 blades with the guards are a great way to get the younger kids involved with clipping. Just put the appropriate guard on for them, and let them go to town!


More gifts for the special ladies and gentlemen in your life (hint..mom and dad!)

Candy, sauces, jellies, oh my! Awesome stocking stuffer ideas!

Silly cow gifts and games the whole family will love!

A warm welcome from the Mills Family!

We’re glad you’re here!

We can’t wait to share with you!  After gathering much of this info to help us with our own show ring journey, the light bulb came on and we realized EVERY new show family could use a resource like this which includes loads of advice and tips for the new showman!  Some of this info we’ve written ourselves and some of it has been curated from other reliable sources.  Please contact us if you have more info to share with our community of show families.  We’d love your input and hope you enjoy browsing here!

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