Here’s a little Monday Motivation for you from Zig Ziglar to get you thinking about your next show and what you should be doing to prepare.

Plan in advance to Win!

This is advice I recently gave to my kids so I just wanted to share it here as well. All too often we wait until we are leaving for the show before we stop to think about our game plan. Now I know better than anyone that you won’t win your class every time you go in to the show ring but I still believe you should PLAN to win. Why do I say that? Because every time you go in, if you did better than the last time, then you’ve accomplished a personal win. You don’t have to be class champion to get a win.

Let me give you a little show ring example…

My 8-year-old showed a Simmental heifer at the Kansas Beef Expo last month and it was the first time for this heifer to go to a show. Now, my kids usually show Maines, but this year my son, Emery, decided he wanted to add a purebred Simmental to his herd because he likes the Maine/Simm cross. So he decided to go ahead and halter-break her so he could show her. He named her Simba.

Simba wasn’t keen on the idea of being halter-broke. And though she cooperated pretty well for me, she kind of has an aversion to little people. It took quite a bit of time to convince her that we could be trusted. So even though Emery had gone many, many laps around our circle driveway with Simba, he was super nervous about making laps around the show ring because she always seemed a little skittish.

But guess what happened when Emery and Simba entered the show ring…. Nothing! What I mean by that is no “crazy outburst.” She followed along beside him and behaved perfectly! She stood still for him after he got her feet set. The only disappointment was that she got last in her class. Some would say that this was definitely not a win, but for Emery, it was a big win! His goal wasn’t to go win the class. His goal was to go in, keep Simba calm, get her set up, and not let her get away from him. (That would have been a disaster!) And you know what? That’s exactly what he accomplished. That last in the class little boy came out of the ring with a big smile on his face and proudly told one of his little buddies that he “got first in reverse!”

Yes, We’ve taught our kids that even last in the class is sometimes a big win.

And we’ve never been ashamed to declare we got a “first in reverse.” Getting last in a class is so often a huge disappointment, so a long time ago I started bringing humor to situations like that by giving my kids a big high five and congratulating them for their first in reserve!

Emery and Simba in the Showring at Beef Expo

Here’s the point I’m trying to make:

You must make your plan and you must prepare in order to win.

Emery had a plan for his beef expo show: Get Simba halter trained and calmed down enough so that they could get along well together in the showring.

Emery prepared: He spent time every day talking to Simba, scratching on Simba, and walking her round and round the driveway. He rinsed her and blew her dry several times a week. She started trusting him.

Emery won: No…he didn’t win his class, but he accomplished his goal; and that my friends, is a WIN!!!

The spring show season is quickly approaching. It’s time for you to make your plan. Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish?” Start preparing and follow through with your plan. That’s how you turn every show, every experience, into a win!

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