Stop and imagine this visual image for a minute:

A show calf with big, stout, hairy legs that are easy to fit and shape because of all the extra hair. So much hair you could almost braid it!

Yes, please! Sign me up!

We all know that daily hair care is necessary in order to keep our calves loaded with nice hair all year round, but are you spending as much time as you should on leg hair? Feet and leg shape is very important, but care given to leg hair can often be overlooked.

Extra leg hair on show cattle can go a long way to help accentuate the good and downplay the not-so-good.

The best way to help a calf that’s lacking a little bone is to help them grow some extra leg hair and “build the legs” to make them appear heavier boned.

Daily use of a roto brush takes only a few extra minutes and may be just that extra ingredient that your current hair care routine is lacking. Check out this video:


Watch Jon Gevelinger in action as he shows how to use the Weaver Roto Brush.

Want more tips on daily hair care? Check out this article that includes four rules for daily hair care.

Does your family have a daily hair care routine? Do you use a roto brush regularly or just on show day? We’d love to hear from you! Please tell us about it in the comments section below.


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