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Industry Spotlight: H & H Show Supply

Industry Spotlight: H & H Show Supply

It takes a village to raise a show kid!It’s true. You will want to grow your network and make a list of industry contacts as you expand your cattle showing career. We can’t think of a better resource to add to this list than the Hurst family of H & H Show Supply...

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to Silver Barn Cattle

I’ve known Dana Mills and her family for over 20 years. I have enjoyed watching their children grow and flourish with their cattle project experiences. Shawn and Dana always go above and beyond to help folks that reach out to them. 

As cattle ranchers, they have a vested interest in the beef industry.  They are avid supporters of 4-H, helping educate the next generation of animal ag producers. I’m thrilled to see their launch of Silver Barn Cattle as yet another way to support young beef producers and showmen.

David Steen

Retired American Maine Anjou Association, Commercial Development Director

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