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Silver Barn Cattle is excited to be working with Mosiman Farms as a sponsor for the 2019 Competitive Edge Cattle Clinic! Mosiman Farms is a family owned farming and cattle operation in the heart of Kansas, just a few miles East of Newton, Kansas. They are located only 4 miles off of Interstate Highway 135.

Speaking of heart, this family has it! My family first met the Mosiman family in the fall of 2018 when the boys were hunting for a few additional heifers to add to their herd. My boys clicked immediately with Justin Mosiman, a 2018 K-State grad that majored in animal science.  They were thrilled to add some Mosiman Farms genetics to their own herd.

Justin heads up the show cattle part of the family operation and puts together the line-up for the annual sale. Other family members involved in Mosiman Farms include Justin’s dad, James, his mom, Michelle, his sister, Erin and his brother-in-law, Brian.

The Mosiman Family has a track record with our family for providing awesome customer service!

Justin is always quick to answer phone calls and reply to messages whenever my family calls on him. He’s even jumped in to help my kids, as well as other kids, fit at the Beef Expo.  You can tell he truly enjoys supporting the youth in this industry.

The Mosiman Family has been raising and selling show calves for 10 years. They started out with some previous show heifers owned by Justin and Erin, and just kept growing their genetics from there.  In addition to raising cattle, the family raises crops that include wheat, corn, soybeans and milo.  There’s never a slow time of the year for the Mosiman Family!

Over the last few years the family has been expanding their Angus and Simmental genetics. They’ve previously offered cattle by private treaty sales, but migrated to online sales a few years back. This October will mark their 3rd online sale.

Justin has explained that their intentions are to provide high-quality cattle with great genetics that can be successful for their new owners both in and out of the show ring. His goal is that all of the show heifers they sell will go on to successfully raise calves for many years after their show career is over, being a productive addition to their new owner’s herd.

To see the offering for their 2019 online cattle sale, click here.

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