How can we help you?

It’s just a given that from time to time, you will need a little help with your beef project journey.  Whether it be a little help with getting an ornery calf halter broke or a fitter for a big show, sooner or later we all find that a little extra help or advice would be quite handy!  Yep, we find ourselves in those shoes quite often, too!  It’s our goal here at the Silver Barn that we can be a resource for you when you find yourself in that position!

You might be looking for help with something that we can handle for you, and other times, we might have to point you in the direction for trustworthy assistance elsewhere.  Either way, we won’t leave you hanging.  Sometimes it just boils down to “who you know” in order to get a job done.  We want to help you make the right connections in order to meet your needs and your goals!

But we can’t help you if we don’t know what your needs are!  So we’ve included a quick survey on the next page in order to help us discover what needs you might have.  Please take a few minutes and run through this no-obligation survey.  You might not need any help right now, but you might think of something that you’d like to learn more about in the future!  Thanks for letting us assist you!


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