It takes a village to raise a show kid!

It’s true. You will want to grow your network and make a list of industry contacts as you expand your cattle showing career. We can’t think of a better resource to add to this list than the Hurst family of H & H Show Supply from Nevada, MO. We’ve had the privilege to get to know Brad and Sherry pretty well over the last several years. I never hesitate to send a text when I have a questions about a show product that I want to try out on one of the boys’ heifers. I might be driving them nuts, but they don’t show it! They always respond back quickly with a text or a phone call and help me figure out what I need to do. But it’s not because I’m special—they are happy to answer questions and help out ANYONE that reaches out to them.

We are honored to have H & H Show Supply as a sponsor of the 2019 Competitive Edge Cattle Clinic.  They keep 3 supply trailers on the road at all times and will have one here at the Mills Ranch on Nov. 1-3.

They put a lot of miles on their trailers over a year, traveling throughout Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and Oklahoma to all kinds of shows, big and small.  This is their 7th year in the show supply business.

Brad Hurst shared a fun story with me when I asked him how they got their start in the business:

“We were actually hosting a Kirk Stierwalt clinic in the spring of 2010, when he called a few days prior to arriving and said he had something we needed to try. He referred to it as ‘Hereford paint’. Once we started using the paint, we began using many other Weaver products. Our entire show box changed in less than 6 months from the competitor to Weaver. Kirk told us many times over a two year time period, that we really needed to become a dealer. Once our kids retired as juniors, Sherry and I decided it might be a good idea, as we still had, and have the desire to travel to shows.”  They became affiliated with Weaver Leather Livestock in September of 2012.

Yep, I’d also take advice from Kirk Stierwalt any day of the week!

He sure did the right thing by encouraging Brad and Sherry to get into the business.

The Hurst family has raised Hereford cattle for over 30 years. Their kids grew up showing, and they’ve traveled all over the country to exhibit. They have raised and shown several champions at county, state, and national levels.  When asked what cattle experiences stand out in his mind, Brad says that there were two that mean the most. One was raising and exhibiting the grand champion carcass steer at the 2008 Hereford Junior National and the other was having the Reserve Champion Cow/calf pair at the American Royal in 2013.

I also asked Brad what his all-time favorite Weaver products were. Without hesitation, he told me that they are ProCharge aerosol and ProPink.

If you ever have questions about show supplies, how to use them, or how to get them, call H & H Show Supply.  They will ship right to your door or make arrangements to bring items to you at the shows.  Sherry is only a phone call away at (417) 321-0423.

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