I don’t know about you, but insurance coverage for our show steers and heifers is something that has crossed my mind on numerous occasions.  As we gear up to travel to Des Moines for the Maine Anjou Jr. Nationals, I am reminded that sometimes accidents happen and coverage is something that we need to consider.

But where do we start?  

How much is it going to cost?  

Are there several options to choose from?  

Do I need to consider coverage for our whole herd?

These questions and more were answered for me as I discussed the in’s and out’s of livestock insurance with Kassie Montford, a livestock insurance specialist from Texas.  I was so pleased to get so many of my questions answered and I know this information will be very helpful for you as well.

Whether you’re dragging around your county fair steer, or if you’ve got a string of breeding heifers that you plan to take to national shows, insurance is something that all of us should at least look into.  It’s important to be knowledgeable about your options and recognize your risk.

the below link will take you to our podcast recording on Anchor where we dive into all the details with Kassie.  It’s definitely worth the 30 minutes of your time to get the scoop.

Want a copy of the transcript?  We’ve created this information-packed ebook which includes the transcript of the interview as well as the infographics that Kassie mentioned in the interview.  Download it now so you can refer back to it later!


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