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Why This Site?

The idea of creating the Silver Barn Cattle site was born while working in “the old silver show barn” at the ranch.  It  actually was created out of necessity. Our own friends and family kept asking to have all these show cattle resources in one location.  As we have grown and accumulated our knowledge base over the years, thanks to so many folks that have  taught us, it only makes sense to pass this info on to others.  After all, everyone is NEW when they first get started, no matter what the endeavor!

We were that “new kid on the block” not all that long ago, and really didn’t enjoy that feeling of being a bit lost and scratching our heads all the time.  There’s no need for your family to go through that struggle.  Let us help!

Please know that you will always have a friend in this industry!  Raising cattle is our livelihood and our life.  Both sides of our family go back for four generations of cattle ranching. But….SHOWING cattle is our family hobby, our passion, a teaching tool for our kids, and our vacation destination!  Our hope is for you to enjoy it as much as we do.

Go ahead and browse all the info we have put here at your fingertips, but also send us a message and contact us.  Reach out and introduce yourself before the next show, and we’ll even save you stall space so we can hang out!

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments on any of our posts!

About The Mills Family

This site is brought to you by Shawn, Dana, TJ and Emery Mills.  Mills Cattle is a family owned and operated Kansas ranch that supports 4-H, FFA, and other youth in their beef project and stock show endeavors.  They offer quality steers and heifers that are raised specifically for beginners looking for docile cattle at an affordable price, so that youth can be confident as they begin their adventure in the beef industry!

Beginner beef project members sometimes lack the know-how to select, train, fit and groom their new steer or heifer.  Plus, they don’t want to spend an excessive amount of cash as they begin to get their feet wet with this new project.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

As the cost of show animals has grown increasingly expensive over the years, it has become more challenging for youth to explore the beef project.  Mills Cattle assists youth by offering quality cattle at an affordable price while providing a solid education plan in order for the youth to get the most out of their beef project experience.

The Mills Family loves helping beginners get started with raising and showing their beef project, while providing an affordable option for newcomers, so they can become familiar with the beef industry and go on to become advocates of safe and healthy animal ag production.

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